As the remaining days of summer dwindle, end-of-season vacationers flock to beach resorts and coastal hotels, eager to revel in the final weeks of seasonal sunshine. However, between enjoying fresh iced cocktails on balconies overlooking the ocean and experiencing the salty sea breeze on open air patios, you may not have noticed an important element of your experience: the lighting.


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Lighting sets the mood for a space, defining the environment by spreading light and casting shadows. Ambient lighting illuminates an area from above, giving a space definition. In contrast, task lighting supplies the glow needed to complete activities such as reading. Accent lighting, lastly, sheds light on particular objects or decor, drawing attention to items of interest. The interplay of these three "lighting levels" gives you the impression that a room is open or intimate, bold and bright or subtle and alluring. In short, it's what gives sought-after hotels in destinations like Miami and Palm Beach their enviable beachy vibe.

To be a successful high-end resort, however, you need more than pendants, sconces and flush mounts that emanate seaside vibes. You need visually remarkable fixtures that comply with precise, government-instituted standards.

Corbett Lighting has the "visually remarkable" criterion perfected—just look to collections like Sauterne. Distinctly coastal, Sauterne uses Venetian glass “staves” to encircle a candelabra center. Characterized by gold-flecked glass, handcrafted iron hoops that create a barrique-like formation and a dynamic gold finish, Sauterne combines refined materials to make a pendant with impact. Envision it in the entryway or dining hall of a waterfront hideaway.

Now—legal restrictions. To meet government standards, we at Corbett Lighting look to regulations set by laws like the Americans with Disability Act—a civil rights measure that determines how lighting must be sized and positioned within a space to give the aging and disabled population full access in commercial buildings such as hotels. This means we must pay particular attention to the way we design, scale and mount our lighting. Fortunately, our selection of lighting includes ADA-compliant sconces, like Venturi. Venturi rethinks 1980s postmodern design using intersecting shapes, materials and finishes. Central to its design is a kabibe shell, which makes the vintage-inspired design decidedly beachy.

If you haven't enjoyed our collections in person—from resorts at Kauna'oa Bay or Nantucket Island, perhaps—you can spot us in publications like Hotel Management or Hospitality Design. With a foothold in the industry, Corbett Lighting has developed a reputation for outfitting large-scale projects, supplying layers of lighting that create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

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